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Wilshire: Due Diligence Partner Update

Wilshire: Due Diligence Partner Update

October 03, 2022

As added value for advisors that utilize our investment management here at TPFG, we provide access to insight we gain from our due diligence relationship that we have with Wilshire Advisors, LLC, one of the most respected names in the industry for manager research. Wilshire has been providing robust financial analytics, market indexes, and end-to-end investment services for institutional investors, advisers, and intermediaries.   

While outside evaluation is rare in the money management industry, we welcome Wilshire as an extra set of eyes on our strategies which are the building blocks for our hearty Strategy PLUS suite of model portfolios used by advisors for the management of their client's in-plan assets. Wilshire releases a Weekly Market Report that covers extensive market data that is important for financial professionals to stay up-to-date.

Josh Emanuel, Chief Investment Officer and Head of Investment Management Research for Wilshire, along with Jeremy Heffernan, VP of the firm give quarterly market updates with key takeaways and their view points. Below are three links for instant access to extensive market data and charts. Plus, you can register for Wilshire's upcoming free webinar event, scheduled for October 13, 2022. 

Video:  Wilshire Monday Market Flash - October 3, 2022

PDF:  Wilshire Weekly Market Report

Coming Up:  REGISTER HERE for Wilshire's Q3 2022 webinar 

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