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Megan Meade: Success Through Service

Megan Meade: Success Through Service

May 18, 2023

With approachable warmth and authenticity, CEO Megan Meade has been our innovator and guiding soul for over 30 years.

The Pacific Financial Group (TPFG) was originally founded in the Pacific Northwest in the mid-eighties to help small businesses and entrepreneurs establish and maintain group 401(k) plans and separately managed accounts.

Fresh out of college, Megan Meade joined the firm full-time, doing a little bit of everything it takes to grow an RIA. She soon took notice that her friends with 401(k) accounts were lacking investment options and were asking her for help. Because they were younger, they didn’t have the assets needed to meet SMA minimums, and there really wasn’t a way to give advice that their plans were lacking.


Wanting to help her friends, Megan started exploring investment management possibilities made available under ERISA provision 404(c). This innovative thinking led to the development of an expanding universe of investment possibilities for retirement plan participants. In 2007, TPFG created a family of mutual funds built for participants looking for customized options and professional in-plan advice. The original funds were launched for IARs to offer to clients with access to self-directed brokerage windows within their employer-sponsored plan.

As demand grew, in 2017 TPFG launched several additional fund solutions. This launch included the use of a technology never seen before that measured the volatility of underlying investments as they had started to build customized risk budgeted model portfolios with enhanced reporting.

Additional world-class fund managers and a new proposal tool were included in the May 2020 fund expansion. In April of 2023, a digital client onboarding tool was added to TPFG’s tech stack for advisors to use freely.


Amid all her intuitive thinking and success, Megan was knocked off stride by a serious life-threatening health scare. The situation was a gut punch to those around her who realized her rise in the industry had been a different one. One of humility, service, laughter, and a simple desire to make the lives of other people better.

Megan not only survived that scare but came through with renewed vigor as CEO, and an energized champion for financial professionals and their clients needing sound investment advice and management, no matter their status or account size.

Today, Megan’s original desire to help friends has grown into a multi billion-dollar turnkey asset management program for advisors assisting clients with workplace retirement plan accounts. TPFG remains a recognized leader in self-directed brokerage account management for retirement plan participants.

Megan Meade is our beating heart, and the embodiment of TPFG vision and values. Proof that you can succeed in this industry by passionate service to others.