New Fund and Model Launch - 2021

August 04, 2021

The Pacific Financial Group (TPFG) was founded on the single premise that everyone, regardless of their account size, should have access to quality investments and independent advice. Powered by our 35-year history and a deep understanding of the Defined Contribution marketplace, TPFG is committed to helping every American get in-plan advice for on-time retirement.

At our core, we are an innovator; an innovator of products and services that empower independent financial advisors to give advice where it’s needed most.

Innovation requires transformation.

Advisors and clients have seen us transform from a small, boutique investment management company to a nationally recognized leader in Self-Directed Brokerage Accounts (SDBA) with over $3B in AUM. Along that path, we’ve added new visionary leadership across our entire enterprise. Some of the largest, most recognized, and most trusted Strategists in our industry have taken notice. They want to be part of something unique and special happening at TPFG, at a time when the marketplace is thirsty for innovation.

These Strategists are new to the SDBA market. They require specialized collaboration, insight, and guidance from a proven SDBA leader. TPFG is their indispensable resource with the deep portfolio management expertise needed to evaluate and determine which of their specific themes, styles, and asset classes will be most successful. It’s opened the door of opportunity for us to emerge from the day-to-day, in-house management of assets to becoming a vital trusted collaborator with world-class strategists like American Funds, Fidelity, JPMorgan, BlackRock, PIMCO, Janus Henderson, Invesco, BNY, and MFS to name a few.

This impressive collection of managers and models is organized in our innovative new platform called Strategy PLUS. This multi-style, multi-manager platform allows us to focus on building models that leverage the intellectual capital of this powerhouse strategist lineup. Advisors now have wider access to a comprehensive wealth development program that helps plan participants save more, behave better and improve retirement readiness outcomes.

We’re happy to say we’re at it again, bringing you even more of a great idea! The next step in our transformation includes the addition of more strategies from Fidelity and new products from Janus and INVESCO to capitalize on shifting markets and investor demand for ESG solutions.

With an innovator mindset, we’re guided by the belief that leaders go first. Expect more firsts from TPFG on the road up ahead.

Later this year, TPFG will launch new funds and models. Below are resources, information, and dates to help inform you of the process and timeline ahead. We’ll be updating this page periodically as new information becomes available.

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