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White Glove Service: Meet Marin Fujiwara

White Glove Service: Meet Marin Fujiwara

June 06, 2023

New TPFG Relationship Manager provides personalized, white-glove service.

The modern reality is that almost all clients expect highly personalized service, particularly higher value customers and transactions.

Characterized by attention to detail, convenience, speed, and professional fulfillment, this high standard of service offers solutions, products, and services that are tailored to each customer’s specific and unique needs. It is central to a customer-first mindset, built on individual customer profiles, enabling companies to quickly resolve issues and even prevent them from occurring.

We are thrilled to announce that long-time staffer Marin Fujiwara has been named Advisor Relationship Manager, with a specific focus on building deeper trust and loyalty with key TPFG producers. Marin is already a business process expert, having served in a customer service capacity with TPFG for the last 4 years. Her broader background in client management and Applied Behavior Analysis makes her the perfect fit for this new role.

While a vast majority of customer service operations are reactive, with a focus on resolving customer queries, that is just one piece of the advisor-client journey. Marin’s role will be equally proactive, preventing issues before they occur and solving problems before advisors raise them.

Knowing Marin like we do, expect her to work tirelessly in the background, knowing when, where, and how to get in touch; and proactively reaching out where necessary. Congratulations to Marin and we’ll watch as she raises our standards of customer care and sets the pace for peers across our industry.