Tactical Income Changes - September 2021

Tactical Income Changes - September 2021

September 14, 2021

PFG and TPFG’s presence in the Self-Directed Brokerage space is evolving; we are moving away from the day-to-day, in-house management of assets to becoming a vital collaborator with world-class strategists such as: Capital Group | American Funds, Fidelity, J.P. Morgan, BlackRock, PIMCO, Janus Henderson, Invesco, BNY Mellon, and MFS to name a few. Because of this transformation, we have decided to close the PFG Equity, Balanced, and Global Strategies in November.

Given PFG’s transformation from an in-house asset manager to a collaborator with some of the world’s top asset managers, we have decided to pursue the same type of arrangement for the PFG Tactical Income Strategy. As a result, PFG will be relying on research provided by two firms for the day-to-day management of the PFG Tactical Income Strategy.

Janus Henderson, a global asset manager with over $427.6 billion in U.S. assets, and expertise across all major asset classes, will manage approximately 65% of the Strategy. Janus’ portion of the strategy will be tactically managed and primarily comprised of Janus Henderson ETFs and mutual funds. Counterpoint will manage approximately 35% of the Strategy, with that portion allocated to high-yield bond timing strategies.

The principal investment goals of the PFG Tactical Income Strategy, and its risk profile, will not change. Instead, the Strategy will be managed as it was previously, with an emphasis on dividend paying equities that are tactically adjusted as market conditions change, and it will continue to invest approximately 35% in bond-timing strategies.

We are excited about our transformation from the day-to-day, in-house management of assets to becoming a vital collaborator with world-class strategists. This will allow us to focus even more of our efforts on building models that leverage the intellectual capital of our powerhouse strategist lineup.

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