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The Days of “Set-It and Forget-It” for Plan Participants are Over

The Days of “Set-It and Forget-It” for Plan Participants are Over

August 31, 2020

In May of 2020, The Pacific Financial Group, Inc. proudly launched the Strategy PLUS™ suite of professionally managed model portfolios for group retirement plans participants whose options were lacking, and no longer keeping pace with the rapidly changing investment landscape.

Extensive studies done over many years on investor behavior have shown that participants of group retirement plans need guidance and advice. Participants not only fail to calculate the savings rate they need, but they often take cognitive shortcuts
instead of spending the time needed to plan for their own success.[1]

Current market volatility and a low interest rate environment aside, participants can no longer rely on choosing a simple
“60/40 split” of fixed income and equities, or the traditional glide path (target date) options and expect to reach their retirement goals. The days of “set-it and forget-it” for plan participants are over, and true diversification and risk monitoring are essential as the global market conditions as a norm are becoming increasingly volatile.

Strategy PLUS investment models are designed specifically for the participant directed Self-Directed Brokerage Account
(SDBA) marketplace. The Pacific Financial Group’s team of experienced Portfolio Managers have included some of the largest and most respected portfolio strategists available to investors nationwide.

As an advisor, you might have a current book of business filled with clients that are still working and contributing to their employer-sponsored 401(k), 403(b) or 457 plans. Strategy PLUS empowers you to offer these clients a solution prior to their retirement. Managing your client’s assets holistically while they are still employed has never been easier as we guide advisors through our robust tactical and strategic enhancements to the traditional target date, index, and regular core asset allocation fund choices.

The Strategy PLUS series of Target, Index, Focus, and Multi categories are filled with professionally managed models to fit every investor lifestyle and risk budget, no matter their income, status, age, or sophistication level.

The PLUS platform enables you to give your clients the help and advice they desperately need and want now, with 31 model portfolio solutions monitored for risk on an ongoing basis. The volatility risk monitoring utilized by our team is competitive as it runs on the innovative technology engine of RiskPro.

Strategy PLUS models are not mechanically reallocated without human touch. Instead, these models undergo a disciplined, rigorous proprietary analysis that includes the PFG Portfolio Management Team, an Advisory Committee of industry leaders, and the RiskPro algorithm. Allocation adjustments are carefully determined quarterly, and on an ad hoc basis by professional analysts with the end-investor in mind, not mechanically due to technical charting and trading volume triggers.

Strategy PLUS model portfolios are comprised of PFG Strategies. PFG Strategies are funds that invest in the underlying active mutual funds and passive ETFs of our world-class traditional, tactical, and strategic elite fund family friends.
The world of group retirement plan participants hungry for advice is ever-expanding. These investors need an ever-expanding world of real solutions that, with your guidance, can include choices they have never had access to before. Think strategic and tactical equity/fixed income management with flexible underlying passive and active Strategies that include ESG, sector rotation, defensive moves, business cycle analysis, and liquid alternatives to name a few of our PLUS platform options.

[1] Benartzi, Shlomo, and Richard Thaler. 2007. “Heuristics and Biases in Retirement Savings Behavior.” Journal of Economic Perspectives, 21 (3): 81-104.

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