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TPFG Hosts 13 Growth Formula Workshops

TPFG Hosts 13 Growth Formula Workshops

August 16, 2022

Interactive events will deliver timely new client acquisition and practice growth strategies to financial advisors utilizing retirement plan brokerage windows and in-plan advice.

The Pacific Financial Group (TPFG), a wealth management innovator and leader in Self-Directed Brokerage Account Management (SDBA) announced it will be hosting 13 regional financial advisor education and networking events in September and October 2022.

The event series entitled SDBA & In-Plan Advice: A Growth Formula Workshop is designed to demystify and educate financial advisors on Self-Directed Brokerage Account Management and the coming trend toward providing In-Plan advice to retirement plan participants. Brokerage windows are now open in well over 100,000 workplace 401k, 403b, and 457 plans across the country, and the list of open plans grows every day. This provides financial advisors with one of the most innovative and rewarding practice growth opportunities the industry has seen in decades. A dedicated website has been launched at

“With recent turmoil affecting the global financial markets, advisors nationwide are once again educating themselves on new ways to deepen their client relationships. Retirement plan brokerage windows, SDBA, In-Plan Advice, and our Strategy PLUS suite of Model Portfolios are a powerful combination which can supercharge an advisory practice,” said Cory Kendall, Chief Revenue Officer for TPFG. “Through these workshops, we’re bringing our vast expertise and proven SDBA playbook directly to financial advisors who are ready to scale and accelerate their businesses.”

Underpinning TPFG’s SDBA program is Strategy PLUS, a multi-strategy, multi-manager platform that leverages the intellectual capital of leading investment managers including Capital Group | American Funds®, Fidelity Investments®, BlackRock®, JPMorgan, PIMCO, Janus-Henderson, Invesco, BNY Mellon, MFS, Meeder, and Counterpoint. These relationships allow TPFG to feature the attributes of those managers and incorporate specific strategies that range from Active to Passive and Strategic to Tactical. The strategies are available to advisors inside Strategy PLUS and the result is more product choice that empowers investors to save more, behave better, and improve investment outcomes.

SDBA & In-Plan Advice Growth Formula Workshop locations and dates:

  • Scottsdale, AZ – September 27
  • Tucson, AZ – September 29
  • Santa Clara, CA – October 4
  • Troy, MI – October 4
  • Houston, TX – October 4
  • Dallas, TX – October 5
  • Denver, CO – October 6
  • Walnut Creek – October 6
  • Aventura, FL – October 18
  • Roseville, CA – October 18
  • Fairfax, VA – October 19
  • Portland, OR – October 20
  • Oakbrook, IL – October 26

Learn more about your local complimentary TPFG Growth Formula Workshop and register at All advisors are welcome, but registration is limited. To request a future workshop in your location, please email   

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