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TPFG Named to Luminaries Award Class of 2023

TPFG Named to Luminaries Award Class of 2023

August 21, 2023

Industry recognition for our Strategy PLUS Turnkey Asset Management Platform keeps coming in!

We’re proud to announce that our Strategy PLUS SDBA Model Portfolio program was named a finalist for the 2023 Luminaries Awards in the FINANCIAL & INVESTMENT INNOVATION category.

Strategy PLUS™ is the ONLY multi-manager, multi-strategist TAMP designed specifically for Self-Directed Brokerage Accounts (SDBA) and the retirement plan investor. This innovative investment platform brings a top-tier Tamp structure to in-plan advice and allows advisors to provide clients with greater choice and portfolio customization within their current contribution plans. Strategy PLUS pairs TPFG oversight with strategies from a powerful lineup of world-class asset managers and includes 36 model portfolios for any risk appetite. These models incorporate specific strategies that range from active to passive and strategic to tactical, featuring the attributes of those managers. 

"The Luminaries nomination of Strategy PLUS affirms our commitment to offer the highest level of investment expertise through SDBA. Our market provides unique challenges, so this repeated recognition of our platform is especially gratifying," adds Megan Meade, TPFG CEO. "Thank you to our institutional strategists and Wilshire for their due diligence oversight. Their partnership is now our shared vision to provide investors with choice and in-plan advice to help reach their retirement goals and achieve financial independence." 

Now in it's third year, the “Luminaries,” are’s annual awards program honoring firms that are taking the most creative and the boldest steps to push the industry and clients’ best interests forward. The Luminaries spotlight a select group of individuals and firms leading the creation of new financial products, services and processes that meet advisors’ and investors’ needs — while also delivering efficiency and competitive advantages to industry players via new platforms and other tools..

The 2023 awards program is recognizing over 300 finalist nominees. Winners will be announced on November 28, 2023 during a formal ceremony at Gotham Hall in New York City. 

There is nothing more gratifying than announcing industry peer recognition. Thanks to all our loyal advisors who have embraced Strategy PLUS and a big shout out to everyone on our outstanding TPFG team who helped make this possible. 


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Strategy PLUS™ is the firms Turnkey Asset Management Program that curates the investment expertise of world-class investment managers into a suite of 31 model strategies built specifically for workplace retirement accounts. A unique blend of choice, talent, and sophisticated modeling not found in traditional retirement plans, which brings institutional quality money management to the average investor.

Strategy PLUS leverages the expertise of world-class investment managers including BlackRock, Fidelity, JP Morgan, Capital Group, PIMCO, BNY Mellon, Janus Henderson, Invesco, and more. Wilshire provides manager research and due diligence oversight.

Strategy PLUS is the only TAMP built specifically to merge in-plan advice with advanced modeling, that delivers the best attributes and capabilities of each manager. Currently, the program has 16,563 plan participants, is available in 1,726 plans nationwide, through a network of 23 recordkeepers.

Providing self-directed brokerage accounts for the average retirement plan investor offers greater flexibility and control over their retirement savings. With self-directed brokerage accounts, investors have the ability to invest in a wide range of financial products, including individual stocks, bonds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and mutual funds that may not be available in the standard investment lineup offered by their retirement plan.

This level of control allows investors to tailor their portfolios to their specific investment goals, risk tolerance, and investment preferences. Additionally, self-directed brokerage accounts may offer lower fees and expenses compared to traditional managed accounts, which can help investors keep more of their returns over the long term.

Self-directed brokerage accounts are especially important for more sophisticated investors who may want to take a more active role in managing their retirement savings. By offering these accounts to average retirement plan investors, employers can help their employees achieve greater financial security and independence in retirement.

Over 70 million investors spanning every generation invest in a workplace retirement plan. According to prominent industry studies, over 65% of plan participants would like more advice and information on how to reach their retirement goals. Financial advisors are using brokerage windows, SDBA, and in-plan advice to deliver choice and professional advice that plan participants need and want on their biggest and most important retirement asset.

The combined market opportunity for 401(k), 403(b), and 457 plans is over $10 trillion. Brokerage windows are open in over 100,000 retirement plans nationwide. For visionary advisors, this provides a vast, niche marketing unique opportunity to scale up and accelerate practice growth with SDBA. A unique new client acquisition and AUM gathering strategy not seen in our industry in many years.

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