epic portfolio

End-to-End Unified Managed Account Solutions


The Enhanced Portfolio & Investment Centre (EPIC) is a state of the art, low-cost investment management solution equipped to provide both advisors and investors with:

  • (1) a platform to discuss risk in terms that can be easily understood
  • (2) a simplified system designed to transform and improve investor behavior

Partnering with FinTech industry leaders like RiskPro, TD Ameritrade and Orion, EPIC was built for investors seeking a comprehensive investment management experience that is governed by their trusted independent investment advisor.

Designed with IRA and qualified accounts in mind, the managed portfolio option is well-suited for a range of clients, from the individual to the institutional investor.


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The Standard & Poor’s 500 Stock Index consists of 500 stocks chosen for market size, liquidity and industry grouping, among other factors. This market value-weighted index is designed to be a leading indicator of the U.S. equities and is meant to reflect the risk/return characteristics of the large cap universe. The Morgan Stanley Capital Int’l Europe, Australia and Far East Index (MSCI EAFE Index) is a widely recognized benchmark of non-U.S. stock markets. It is an unmanaged index of 20 European and Pacific Basin countries and includes the reinvestment of all dividends. Indexes are unmanaged and cannot be invested into directly. Investing in limited sectors may increase overall volatility of your portfolio.