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Diversified strategies powered by world-class investment managers.

TPFG is proud to offer custom strategies sub-advised by 6 of the world's top 14 largest asset managers. These business partners share our values and our vision to empower investors with choice and trusted advice, and help them achieve financial independence. Years of planning and an exceptional level of commitment has culminated with this powerful lineup of respected firms now embedded in our strategies. Within our models, we align their attributes and strengths, which gives advisors the ability to offer a unique blend of talent not found in traditional retirement plans.

We feature professionally managed, research-driven investment programs designed to seek consistency in performance and to provide risk-efficient solutions for a range of risk tolerance levels and investment objectives.

Institutional Level Money Management for the Retail Investor.

Institutional money management is not just for the ultra-wealthy or large institutional investors anymore. Your retirement plan clients have worked hard and earned the right to enjoy the same sophisticated and transparent asset management services that large investors have benefitted from for decades.

The Pacific Financial Group (TPFG) and our Strategy PLUS Model Portfolio Program has attracted the attention of some of the world’s premiere money managers, which gives you unique access to institutional level asset management. These institutional money managers provide access to an array of strategies, timely research and market commentary, which helps you better understand key performance drivers and trends in the capital markets.

It’s still common for workplace retirement plans to limit the number of investment offerings and the options that are available may not be sophisticated enough to achieve the financial goals of your client. TPFG is committed to leveraging the discipline of institutional asset managers to bring clients a level of innovation, customization and experience previously reserved for major corporations



Strategies Lineup

Due Diligence Partner

TPFG has established a due diligence partnership with WILSHIRE, one of the most respected names in manager research. For more than 40 years, Wilshire has provided robust financial analytics, market leading indexes, and end-to-end investment services for institutional investors, financial advisors, and intermediaries.

While outside evaluation is rare in the money management industry, we’ve engaged Wilshire to provide an extra set of eyes on our PFG Strategies, which are the building blocks for our Strategy PLUS model suite used by advisors for in-plan assets. Among the services they provide are written qualitative investment evaluations and Manager Research Ratings on the strategy composites utilized in our co-branded funds. They also assist in quarterly monitoring and due diligence evaluation of the Fund Research Providers and determine if investment guidelines for each PFG Fund is consistent in style and strategy and appropriate for qualified retirement plans.


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