Strategy PLUS™

Our Multi-Manager, Multi-Style Flagship Platform.

As the retirement and investment landscapes evolve, and old axioms are tested, TPFG continues to innovate. We equip financial advisors with products and services that empower investors to save more, behave better, and improve outcomes. Strategy PLUS™ is a next gen investment platform that taps the intellectual capital of leading investment managers to create a suite of personalized investment solutions built especially for participants of group retirement plans that are working with their own trusted advisors.

Our elite manager relationships allow TPFG to incorporate specific strategies that range from active to passive and strategic to tactical, featuring the attributes of those managers

Highlights and benefits:

  • Powerful Strategist Relationships – World-class lineup of top asset managers
  • Target PLUSTM – An enhancement to Target Date funds, offering strategic, tactical allocations, passive and active solutions
  • Index PLUSTM  An active strategy for those who prefer the benefits of passive investing +ESG
  • Focus PLUSTM – Access a single strategist whose style fits within your client’s overall portfolio
  • Multi PLUSTM – Provides you with our most diversified strategist allocations and options
  • RiskPro® – “Tested-tough” technology that monitors every security in every strategy and model

Critical to Strategy PLUS™ is the guidance that only investment advisors can give. Participants of the ever-expanding group retirement plan market need knowledgeable, caring professionals that offer valuable advice with customizable options, not just the limited default options available in many plans.




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