Strategy PLUS

Our Flagship Investment Platform

Our Flagship Investment Platform

Designed Specifically for the Retirement Plan Investor

The Only Multi-Manager, Multi-Style TAMP Designed for SDBA

Strategy PLUS is an innovative investment platform that leverages the intellectual capital of leading investment managers to create a suite of personalized model strategies built especially for participants of group retirement plans. It addresses the void created by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) regarding the provision for customized advice and investment solutions to 401k and other plan participants. Strategy PLUS is the only Turnkey Asset Management Platform (TAMP) built specifically for the SDBA Market, merging financial advisory services with sophisticated model delivery.

TAMP Services

  • Brings a top-tier TAMP structure to in-plan advice
  • Strategies from a powerful lineup of world-class asset managers
  • A suite of 36 model portfolios ranging from conservative to aggressive
  • Expert consulting - SDBA, asset management, and business development
  • Access to premier Strategists and multi-strategy UMAs
  • Risk profiling and proposal generation
  • Risk surveillance, daily account and model risk monitoring
  • Digital account opening and servicing
  • Trading and reconciliation
  • Performance reporting
  • Advisor Dashboard
  • Client Portal

A Blend of Choice and Talent Not Found in Traditional Retirement Plans

The Pacific Financial Group (TPFG) partners with mutual fund industry giants to provide multi-manager models that expand and enhance traditional retirement plan options. Retirement plans across the country are swiftly adopting the self-directed brokerage option, sometimes referred to as a “brokerage window”. TPFG curates co-branded funds and utilizes them as the building blocks for a suite of model strategies, including the three largest drivers of plan participation today. 

  • Target PLUS - Provides the convenience of traditional Target Date investments while not limiting participants to single manager or allocation style.

  • Index PLUS - Merges the low-cost benefit of indexing with broad market exposure using passive holdings complimented with tactical strategies.

The Strategists

A powerful lineup of firms embedded in all model strategies. 

The Models

36 strategies available within 5 model categories to fit any risk tolerance range and investment style.

The Allocations

Offering strategic, tactical or a mixture of both allocation styles funded with a variety of both active and passive management choices.

Client Profiles

Strategy PLUS offers a range of options to fit differing investment objectives, timelines, and risk profiles:

Model Commentary: Performance in Perspective

Download: Performance in Perspective

Wilshire Due Diligence Partnership

Download: Wilshire Overview


Advisory services provided by The Pacific Financial Group, Inc. (“TPFG”), a Registered Investment Adviser. The information is for informational purposes only and should not be relied on or deemed the provision of tax, legal, accounting or investment advice. Past performance is not a guarantee future results. All investments contain risks to include the total loss of invested principal. Diversification does not protect against the risk of loss. Investors should review all offering documents and disclosures and should consult their tax, legal or financial professional before investing.

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