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Simplify. Streamline. Succeed

We’ll guide you through the complexities of SDBA, ease the administrative burden, and elevate the advisor-client experience with digital onboarding, a robust tech stack, personalized service . . . and a smile.

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Focused On You and Your Client

We deliver a customizable solution for wealth management which ensures smooth onboarding, high-quality model presentation capabilities, a customizable Risk Profile Questionnaire (RPQ), and model risk management and surveillance system.

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Advanced platforms designed to streamline your operations and enhance client interactions.

<h3 data-pm-slice="1 1 []"><span>CLARITY FROM COMPLEXITY. </span></h3>


This investor cycle of emotions has a common thread, a simple lack of understanding. With Perpetual SuitabilityTM at its core, RiskPro is built to reverse that cycle and restore confidence and accountability in the investment decision making process.

<h3 data-pm-slice="1 1 []"><span>ONE OF A KIND.</span></h3>


Strategy PLUS is the ONLY multi-manager, multi-strategy Turnkey Asset Management Platform designed specifically for the self-directed brokerage market and the retirement plan investor.

NEW! Guided Paperwork Solution (GPS)<br/>

NEW! Guided Paperwork Solution (GPS)

GPS reinvents our client service process, reduces costly NIGOs, and enables us to service existing clients more quickly and efficiently than ever before.

Empowering Your Financial Advisory Journey Towards Unparalleled Growth

Empowering Your Financial Advisory Journey Towards Unparalleled Growth

At The Pacific Financial Group, we pride ourselves on delivering comprehensive support and innovative solutions to financial advisors across the nation. Our mission is to propel your practice into future successes through cutting-edge technology, strategic growth planning, and a commitment to fostering meaningful, impactful community relations. Let's embark on this journey towards a brighter financial future, together.

Charting a Path to Success.


Accelerate Business Growth With Expert Guidance.

Our Regional consultants and service teams are experts that provide individual attention to you and your business at every stage. Your needs and your client’s goals are at the center of everything we do. Consider TPFG your trusted collaborator, providing hands-on, personalized guidance. 

We’ll help you:

•Assess your current business mix 
•Define your unique value proposition
•Segment your client base and recommend solutions
•Integrate both In-Plan and Out-of-Plan business
•Develop a plan to scale your practice and build a sustainable business model

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