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Our Story

Since 1984, The Pacific Financial Group, Inc. (TPFG) has built a rich tradition of serving financial advisors and investors with best-in-class investment solutions and unrivalled customer service. The firm was founded on the single premise that everyone, regardless of their account size, should have access to high quality investment opportunities and independent expert advice. Today, we are the only multi-manager, multi-strategy Turnkey Asset Management Platform (TAMP) designed specifically for Self-Directed Brokerage Accounts and the retirement plan market. We blend over three decades of traditional asset management experience with leading-edge financial technology know-how, to provide products and services that empower financial freedom for advisors and their clients.

Our Commitment

From the very beginning, we made a steadfast commitment to improving investor outcomes with the core belief that everyone should have access to quality independent investment advice. While the financial services industry focuses solely on rollovers and income distribution products, we know the journey to financial independence starts years in advance. It is with this vision that we dedicate our resources towards building turnkey Wealth Development Solutions as well as innovative Wealth Management Programs. These platforms help advisors and their clients create healthy habits and a disciplined approach to financial independence.

Our Nautical Theme

The deeply rooted nautical theme that underpins our brand identity is aspirational and represents forward looking optimism. As we move into a new century, a change in visual identity illustrates our transformation as a firm and marks a new milestone in our history. While we stay true to our heritage, we introduced a modern interpretation of our hallowed Clipper Ship logo. A sleek new vessel, riding high on the crest of a wave, with sails full, pointed confidently toward a hopeful horizon. The precision of the new ship design echoes our robust WealthTech capabilities, venturous spirit, and innovative culture.

Today, with a strong wind at our backs, our sails are raised on a quest for an even more rewarding future.

All aboard.

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Our Mission & Vision

Client Centered

“History is a great teacher. But to have continued success we must challenge ourselves each day to look at the world with fresh eyes, to see new opportunities that weren’t previously in view.”

- Megan Meade, Managing Member

HQ Transformation

The move to our new home office location allowed for a high-visibility creative opportunity to extend our nautical brand theme. The result is a powerful transformation of our entire work environment. The project was recognized by a national manufacturer for excellence in interior design. Read the full story below.

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